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Alex Wang

Hi, I'm Alex.

I'm a senior developer at RBCx working with AWS, CircleCI CICD, and developing web applications using Vite, ReactJS, Tailwind CSS. My goal in life is to build tools that enhance humanity and simplify life.

I'm a coffee connoisseur, enjoy nature walks, and enjoy playing Volleyball!

I'm an avid believer in constant learning. My motto is "be curious, always".

Should you be interested in viewing my résumé, please contact me directly by using one of the methods available under contact on the navigation menu at the top of this page.

Projects. That will blow your mind

Projects. That will blow your mind.

Open Source. Making the world better.

Open Source. Making the world better.

Experience. Expanding the horizon.

Experience. Expanding the horizon.

RBCx, helping tech companies scale and make an impact on the world by connecting them to the right people, ideas, and financial solutions of one of Canada’s largest banks.

Senior Software Developer

May 2023 - Present

As a Senior Developer on the Venture Shared Services team, I work with projects that involved AWS, ReactJS, Tailwind CSS, and TypeScript.

To streamline deployments to staging environment, I've created a CircleCI CICD pipeline that deploys a ReactJS project into AWS S3 and performing invalidation on the AWS CloudFront Distribution.

Driven by business requirements to keep the cost of web applications low without sacraficing reliability and performance, I utilize serverless AWS technologies such as AWS S3, CloudFront Distribution, and AWS SQS to minimize operation costs, maintaining scalability and performance, and paying only for the required compute, storage, and networking to serve customers.

Municipal Property Assessment Corporation, Ontario's property expert.

Cloud Operations Engineer

November 2021 - May 2023

As a Cloud Operations Engineer on the special projects team, I've worked with GitLab runners and CICD pipelines to support the build and deployment processes. In particular, I've configured ECR proxy on an EKS cluster to allow CICD pipelines to pull docker images from a private ECR repository without login credentials for streamlined and secure deployment.

To streamline CICD deployments for faster execution and allow easier troubleshooting, I've created a custom docker image that has deployment tools preinstalled to elminate time spent in downloading software per execution, reduce network usage, and amount of logs produced to allow errors to easily surface for corrective action.

Using Terraform, I've automated creation of WAFs for AWS Application Load Balancers that protect applications and web services deployed in EKS cluster allowing improved consistency, tracking code changes over time, and the ability to easily recover from failures.

To enable applications in EKS to gain access to AWS resources and services, I've configured Kube2IAM to allow application pods to link with IAM roles that grant permissions tailored for the application.

Systems Developer

July 2021 - October 2021

As a Systems Developer on the data visualization team, I've updated the Municipal Connect application's administrative web console when enroling consultants using TypeScript, React.JS, and Redux.

Using React-Testing-Library, I've added numerous unit tests to the React applicatios built on a microfrontend architecture and being the test driven development advocate on the team.

To support enhanced password reset functionality, I've created an account verification web service using AWS API Gateway, CloudFront, and WAF. In addition, I've worked on the password reset page using JQuery to utilize the account verification web service.

Using terraform, I've written code that will provision all AWS resources required related to account verification web service to allow tracking infrastructure changes over time and to be able to easily recover from failure within minutes.

I've worked with GitLab CICD pipelines to support the build and deployment processes. In addition, I've addressed dependency vulnerabilities discovered by Blackduck scanner executed in the pipeline.

Cloud Operations Analyst

January 2020 - July 2021

As a Cloud Operations Analyst, I worked with AWS IAM, EC2, Secrets Manager, Lex, SQS, S3, Lambda, CloudWatch to automate operations workflows such as standardizing EC2 instance tags.

By creating Data Dog HTTP checks, I've contributed to the team's visibility of application and service availability.

To enhance efficency of file restores in AWS S3, I created a web application using Bootstrap, React, Python Sanic, and AWS Boto3 SDK to allow support staff to perform on demand file restoration. This reduced customer turn around time from a few days to just 15 minutes.

Working with the security team, I've created an AWS Lambda script in python that automated the creation of VPC traffic mirroring sessions.

To automate infrastructure deployments using infrastructure as code, I used Terraform CLI and scripts and experimented with Terragrunt and Terraspace.

I've recently worked on prototyping a chatbot for the team using AWS Lex, providing users with information on the on call personnel. As a result of this development, I've forked, enhanced, and published my very first NPM Project, react-lex-plus.

HOOPP, a company that provides healthcare workers with a secure retirement

DevOps Engineer (Coop)

January 2019 - August 2019

As a DevOps engineer at Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan's investment securities cloud team, I worked with AWS CloudFormation templates and PowerShell scripts to automate the provisioning developer virtual machines in the cloud and the installation of softwares.

To promote self-service among teams, I integrated the CloudFormation template with AWS Service Catalog such that teams can provision virtual machine instances themselves.

I've also written a PowerShell script that assisted developers in migrating from Oracle JDK to Amazon Corretto Open JDK and JRE.

To standardize the deployment of Amazon Simple System Manager across AWS EC2 instances and migrated data center virtual machines, I wrote a python script using AWS Boto3 SDK to detect and update Simple System Manager clients and performed manual installation for instances that did not have the manager installed on Linux and Windows instances.

Sprout, a corporate wellness platform for workplace wellness

Full Stack and Mobile Developer (Coop)

May 2018 - August 2018

On their backend, I worked with PHP codeigniter framework and MySQL database to enable API support for their next generation mobile application tested with PHPUnit.

On the front end, I developed new features as such deep linking for their next generation mobile application for iOS and Android using React-Native, Axios, and Redux library to enable corporate employees to track and engage in fitness activities, reduce health risks, and be mindful in living healthier lives!

Hatch Canada, a company that makes coding fun for kids in an inclusive community

Admin Coach

April 2018 - December 2018

As an admin coach, I perform all the duties of a coach. In addition, I organized the delivery of lessons delivered to students. I communicate with parents on a frequent basis on the progress of their child and work collaboratively to address behavioral issues.


January 2017 - December 2018

I assisted children ages 7 - 17 in their self-expression through computer generated visual arts. In the process, they learn programming concepts such as loops, conditionals, variables, and object oriented programming. These tools help them instruct the computer to realize their imagination. As a result, children are motivated and feel a sense of empowerment in creating their master piece.

Events. Marking each milestone.

Events. Marking each milestone.